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This is FM Forward about the rapidly changing landscape of Facility Management and how to remain on top of your game. This season we are going to investigate all the ways in which risk can plague your organization, the myriad, and chaotic ways in which your business operations can be disrupted and techniques for avoiding, mitigating, transferring or accepting these risks – in the interest of your company. Each week we will talk to experts in their field and before we sign off we’ll share 3 tips for getting it right. FM Forward, where if you’re an FM, buildings are assets, and it’s your job to keep people happy, or at least happily working.

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Links to COVID-19 and pandemic information 

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For COVID-19 preparedness and business continuity resources and information,
please visit IMFA's Coronavirus Preparedness Resource Center


Return To Work After COVID-19

Just Released Recovery Readiness



Thank you to Cushman & Wakefield for these documents which are comprehensive guides for reopening workplaces as stay-at-home restrictions are lifted. 

 Here are a few more articles and documents on getting ready to reopening workplaces:



  • Looking for a more permanent solution to this constant sanitization/disinfection.
    Go to: RX Surface Protection Solutions. 

RX PermaSafe Commercial Brochure.pdf
RxSPS Facility Poster.pdf